The Pitts Formation

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Andrew Boyd has flown many different types of aircraft in many different places.
Here is some stuff that he has learned over the decades, that you might find useful.


Wheel Landings



Adverse Yaw

Bank Angle In the Circuit

Flap For Landing

Speed of Sound

Ram Air Temperature Rise

VHF Comm/VOR Range

Tire Hydroplaning Speed

Units of Measurement

Type Checkouts

Different Aircraft

Flying A Jet

Aircraft Battery

Aircraft Electrical Charging Systems

Starting a Piston Aircraft Engine - Magnetos

Constant Speed Props

Carburetor Heat


Crankcase Breather Tube

Aircraft Hoses

Nuts + Bolts + Washers

Piston Engine Failure Modes

Engine Oil

Car Gasoline in a Canadian aircraft: TP10737

Comm Radio Usage

Formation Flying

Overhead Break

Aerobatics - Introduction

Aerobatics - Vertical Downline Recovery

Aerobatics - Low Altitude

Aerobatics - Surface

Aerobatics - Negative G

Aerobatics - Aileron Roll

Aerobatics - Barrel Roll

Aerobatic Instructor Rating

Pitts Landing

Maule M4-210C Handling Notes

Maule Crosswind Landing

Murphy Rebel Training



Cleaning Your Aircraft

Flying Across the Canada-US Border Procedures

Multi-Engine Aircraft

Meatball Multi-Engine Takeoff

Circuit Training in a Retractable Gear Aircraft

Flying the Beech 18

Flying the Waco YMF-5C

Cessna 421B Checklist

DR-109 Type Rating Course

Flying the L39

The Coolest Pilot I Know

Mr Airshow Flies A Piston Twin

Roast Garlic Receipe

Best Canadian Classic Rock