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The Pitts Formation

The Pitts Formation is a civilian airshow team flying beautiful red, white and blue Pitts S-2B biplanes throughout the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. With big 540 cubic inch engines and high-volume smoke systems, they deliver an exciting, crowd-pleasing performance with lots of noise and smoke.

In the show, all reversals are vertical, so the aircraft are always in front of the crowd. Close formation maneuvers include upright and inverted aileron and barrel rolls, inside and outside loops, inside and outside Cuban eights and reverse Cuban eights, and hammerheads.

Flying Lead is Tim Boyd, a highly experienced ex-military jet fighter pilot who flew as a test pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force on the Mach 2+ CF-104. Flying Wing is Tim's son Andrew Boyd who holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Tim and Andrew have been flying together for over 30 years.

A two day weekend show includes one formation aerobatic flight and one solo aerobatic flight per day - a total of four flights. In addition to positioning expenses, a two airplane weekend show will consume a total of 50 gallons of 100LL avgas and 30 gallons of non-toxic, low-viscosity smoke oil such as Noco BL050HT. Secure hangarage will be required for the aircraft as well as transportation and motel rooms for the pilots for each night.